Locusium makes choosing the right virtual platform for your event easy and straightforward, including consultation on how to better deliver your message, content, and culture with your communities in VR.

  • Discovery of your project/event details
  • Recommendations of appropriate VR platforms
  • Pre-event technical guidance
  • Event planning


Locusium gives you all the training and tools you will need for bringing your group into the future of successful VR collaborative events.

  • Hosting / MC
  • On-site Support
  • Custom Event Spaces
  • Back-channel Support


Locusium can manage customizations to your virtual event space, and facilitate interactivities and modules bringing your group together, and developing deeper cohesion for collaborative projects and teams.

Staffing & Moderation

Locusium supports your live event; and will staff event spaces to offer on-site guidance, training, and program information to your event guests.

  • DJs 
  • Live talent
  • Interactable Objects
  • Video Stream Import
  • Video Stream Export
  • Staff-guided Interactions and Games
  • User-guided Interactions and Games
  • Support and Moderation Staffing

Additional Services


  • Social media services
  • Marketing guidance
  • Training / Tutorials for core team and guests
  • Pre-event support 
  • Pre-event tech check


  • 360 Review
  • Keynote Photography
  • Short Video Capsule for Client Use


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