Locusium is a boutique VR production company specializing in private events in virtual reality spaces.

Founded in 2020 to facilitate social and business connection needs of distributed teams, Locusium consults on virtual events including the planning, training, management, staffing, and production for a smooth and culture-focused approach which welcomes attendees to feel safe in virtual spaces.

Created by experienced event producers to help share better-practices and generative culture norms, Locusium cares that our guests and attendees are equipped with all of the information they need to have a positive virtual experience.

Virtual Reality Event Production, with Locusium.


Ovative Group
Simulated eXperiential Immersive Realities
ESVR Meetup
ESVR Meetup
Figure It In


What Our Clients Say

“I liked being able to talk to people real time in a space that felt like I was actively with them.

That togetherness felt really special.”

“The ability to talk to people almost as if we were in the same room together!

It’s very hard to get that feel in a regular video call, VR felt like a more genuine experience to be able to mingle and talk with each other.”

“I liked the ability to socialize, play games, and converse with my co-workers! It was super innovative and cool. :)”

“It actually felt like standing next to others/interacting in a way that we would in person.”


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